What is Brush with the Spirit?

Our Mission:

(Re)awakening the unique creative inner voice within each of us, through the power of a collaborative community (re)connecting together to the Creative Spirit available to all of us. 

Our Vision: 

In a time of great transition in how individuals engage their spiritual nature, BWTS unlocks understanding of the creative process so as to provide seekers of all stripes a means to approach life’s greatest mysteries in community with one another.

Our Values:


  1. BWTS seeks to meet people where they are in their spiritual journey, and provides a safe space for them to expand/explore spirituality through creative process.
  2. We believe that to engage one’s innate artistic abilities and creative sensibilities fully involves connecting to a larger creative force. 
  3. We believe this creative force is available to all people, and that each person needs to discern their own spiritual/creative path in relation to this force.
  4. We maintain that acknowledging this force most fully frees the creative self and thus provides a big step toward personal wholeness.
  5. We maintain that opening/strengthening connections to the creative force affords our community a powerful tool to rise above the stress and anxiety that typifies much of materialistic North American culture.
  6. We see the BWTS community as a haven for participants to explore their own spiritual/creative journey and as a hatchery for outreach ideas that engage participants with the needs in the world. 


  1. Blending current technology with enduring technique: BWTS seeks ways to leverage new digital technologies and old world tactual technics, to help spread the joy of the creative process to others. 
  2. Ongoing Mutual Learning: We are a community that seeks to learn with humility, open to learning from each other as well as sharing our knowledge.
  3. Celebrating and Communicating our Creativity: BWTS members will be encouraged to share a portion of the content they create as part of celebrating the (re)awakening of the creative force in their lives. 

Programs Overview


Palates begins at 6 pm with a gourmet meal followed by discussion centered on the session selected theme. Each table of 3-4 people works together on creative activities. These are not an attempt to make artists of the participants, but are meant to open participants to their dormant inner artists and broaden their minds on topics raised in discussion.

Pause & Reflect

Using several amazing books as reference points for its curriculum, this informally-structured, 7-week program builds a community committed to taking a conscious pause from their busy lives to reflect and explore a more creative life for those open to seeking it. This program strives to meet people where they are and help them explore the connection to their creative side.

Community Studio

As the title implies, this is a time for anyone to drop in and share a space with a working artist. It’s an opportunity for both casual and committed artists to explore different media and join in an art community. It’s a safe place for beginners to get advice on craft projects or expand their artistic abilities. It’s also an opportunity to stop in for a cup of coffee, talk, and watch artists create.