What is Brush with the Spirit?

Brush with the Spirit is the overarching name for a group of programs that are all aimed at enlivening one's spiritual and creative side. This umbrella group currently has three programs operating within it; Pallets, Pause & Affect, and Open Studio. Each program is geared at charging one's creative drive through an exploration of the spirit. 

But it's about more than just this, it's also about creating community. Creating a place where painters, foodies, photographers, congregants, sculptures, adventurers, musicians, planners, networkers, creatives, and non-creatives a like can join together and explore art and spirituality. Brush with the Spirit is aiming to create not just innovative programming that will help you create more, but it also wants to bring people together in community. A community where like-minded and interested people can gather together and create projects, fundraisers, events, and other endeavours. So please join us at one or all of our Brush with the Spirit programs and explore the cross sections of art, spirituality, and the human experience. 

Programs Overview


Palates begins at 6 pm with a gourmet meal followed by discussion centered on the session selected theme. Each table of 3-4 people works together on creative activities. These are not an attempt to make artists of the participants, but are meant to open participants to their dormant inner artists. Perhaps even broaden their minds on topics raised in discussion.

Pause & Effect

Using several amazing books as reference points for its curriculum, this informally-structured, 7-week program builds a community committed to taking a conscious “Pause” from their busy lives to explore the restorative “Effects” of a more creative life for those open to seeking it. The program strives to meet people where they are and help them explore the connection to their creative side.

Community Studio

As the title implies, this is a time for anyone to drop in and share a space with a working artist. It’s an opportunity for both casual and committed artists to explore different media and join in an art community. It’s a safe place for beginners to get advice on craft projects or expand their artistic abilities. It’s also an opportunity to stop in for a cup of coffee, talk, and watch artists create.