Community Studio is an opportunity for both casual and committed artists to explore different media and join in an art community. It’s a safe place for beginners to take courses, get advice on craft projects, or expand their artistic abilities.

It’s also an opportunity to stop in for a cup of coffee, talk, and watch artists create...think of it as a trip to see artists in their natural habitat :  ).


BWTS programs are starting up again in September 2018, so check back soon for our next event!

Is this for Children as well?

Short answer is YES! (but please read completely before thinkng this is a drop off event)  

Children accompanied by parent(s) is encourage, (loosely suggested for 9yrs and older..but open to younger if parents attend and think them capable). And while we do promote families joining us, this is not to say the course is designed especially for children. I say this because it has been our experience that kids are are still more open to seeing themselves as creative. Thus, they are often on equal footing with adults in a beginning drawing class. 

Drop off for well behaved children is also possible upon consent from facilitator. Put another way, and being parents ourselves, we are extremely happy to help kids learn how to draw/paint/create….but not so keen on teaching them how to behave : ).


Because of the generous support of Campbell-Stone and St. Andrews United, Community Studio's primary focus is not on generating income, but generating interest from those seeking to grow their connection to the Spirit through artistic expression. Truly, more than anything we do not want money concerns to hinder anyone from participating. This is true of all Brush with the Spirit programs. And so, be aware that we will always seek to meek people were they are... (both spiritually, and financially : )

(Please do not hesitate to ask if financial assistance is needed, which is handled in confidence and discretion )


If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at painting, drawing, or some other creative activity without committing the money for new supplies or the time to understand what kind to get, this program is for YOU!

If you are already an artist and are interested in becoming part of a new, juried arts community that will provide built-in potential to sell and show your work, this is also for YOU!