We often jokingly call Palates "BibleStudy for Atheist, Doubters and the totally Devout, as we strive to use themes that are universally relevant to all people. We have found our gatherings to be fun, humorous, informative, inquisitive, and above all a safe space to explore interesting topics.

Our doors are open at 5:45pm, and the evening begins promptly at 6:00pm with a delicious meal designed to offer a range of tastes that are both familiar and fancy. To optimize quality and low cost, our menus are chosen just before the event, and is posted by Sunday evening both on the website and sent out to those on our email list. (Vegetarian/ Pescetarian choices available with a couple days notice)

At around 6:30-45pm the meal is followed by discussion centered on the session selected theme from scripture. Again, our primary focus is to allow our reading to meet people wherever they are in their journey. We strive to be engaging and accessible to differing points of view and thus welcoming to seekers of all stripes! ( No smarmy or overly pious viewpoints please : )

Then, after the food and discussion we take a short break (usually around 7:15pm). At this point some might chose to call it an evening. But for those who chose to stay until 8pm, we take a broad look at an issue raised in discussion and consider creative ways to express insights gleamed. This is often done through making collages from a huge pile of images torn from National Geographic Magazines.

The use of images, and creative activities is not an attempt to make artists of the participants, but merely a springboard for discussion. We have found that this is a surefire way to approach themes that are relevant to peoples lives, and it often allows room for surprisingly fresh takes on even the most familiar topics raised in discussion.

By taking this unique approach, that seeks to bridge both left and right brain thinking, our Palates program has even helped participants to find more creative solutions to issues at work, home, or within themselves. 


Starting again on September 11th, 2018, Palates sessions are offered almost every Tuesday throughout the year at St. Andrew’s Centre, 10601 Southport Road SW. BWTS 


Because of the generous support of Campbell- Stone, and St. Andrews United, Palates uses a "Free Will Offering" model, and so the cost is really up to you. And while all support is greatly appreciated, it should be seen as a opportunity to support Brush with the Spirit's worthy efforts, but not felt to be an obligation.

More than anything we do not want money concerns to hinder someone from seeking to grow their connection to the Spirit through artistic expression. This is true of all programs, and so be aware that we will always seek to meet people were they are... (both spiritually, and financially : ) 


 If you’re a foodie; if you’re looking for something unique, relaxing, and stimulating to do alone,  or being a group of friends; if you are an artist/ writer/ musician who is looking for ways to enliven your inner muse: if you want an easy way to be part of a content-creating community and glimpse life through the eyes of an artist without a huge commitment; or if you are tired of being merely a consumer of content, and instead help to guide the artist hand in creating content...this program is for YOU! 


An Evening at Palates:

Guests arrive and mingle briefly before taking their seats at tables set for three. In the current model, Palates can accommodate up to a maximum of seven or eight tables of three.

Dinner is served.

Our facilitator, Danah, then leads the group in discussion based on our Bible study from the day before. This discussion aims to be in-depth enough to challenge while being accessible enough for all comers regardless of their familiarity with scripture.

The group then takes a short break to share or collect their thoughts and prepare for our group activity. In the past, this activity has been Imaging the Text, where participants choose pictures taken from National Geographic magazines that relate to the themes discussed, as images are a non-threatening way to inspire people to free associate on chosen topics. Going forward, we will also be introducing activities such as role play and therapeutic art games as ways to explore the evening’s passage.

We then return to group discussion where each table has a chance to share what they came up with. Our co-facilitator, Eric, types up this discussion while Danah uses a whiteboard and/or an iPad and TV set-up to illustrate the discussion.

Last Palates of the each month

The fourth Tuesday of the month showcases some of the images/paintings/videos/animations that were inspired by the discussions of the previous weeks. It is a chance to see how your comments influenced the hand of the artist(s). Basically, it is a great meal, and show and tell about what we have been up to.